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Top 7 Ways To Make Your Husband Or Wife Think Of You Forever: Hey lovely readers, I have something exciting to talk to you about today more of a husband and wife talk lol.

Maybe you are in a relationship or you are about getting into one and you really want your lover to be with you forever and also think about you and the lovely moments spent with you forever then this is definitely the right article for you.

We all know that starting a relationship with someone can be very easy but maintaining such relationship can be tiring if not properly planned and executed accordingly.

Most husband and wife are finding it difficult to cope with their marriages today because they don’t know how to maintain the same chemistry they had when they were dating.

Personally I ones lost my relationship due to lack of planning. I never paid attention to what I was meant to pay attention to.

15 Ways To Keep Your Partner Thinking of You Forever | Husband and Wife

Everyone is interested in someone who will love them and never leave them. Someone who will definitely make them feel like a human, a baby, not someone who will make life a living hell for them. I am sure you don’t need such lol!  Okay! So what can you do to keep your partner thinking of you forever?

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List of Top 7 Ways To Make Your Husband Or Wife Think Of You Forever – Dating Tips – Love Guides

I have been able to compile 15 things you can do to make your wife or husband think about you forever and this include:

1. Always text your lovers regularly: 

Texting your partner regularly shouldn’t be a burden to you. It’s a way to show them you really care and you are currently thinking of them. This might look cheap but it goes a long way in a woman’s heart. Texting your partner also draws their attention towards you and can create temporary memories of the good things and good times spent together.

2. chat with your lover even when you dont want to:

This is a very important and romantic activity. You don’t need to have a reason to chat with your lover. You need to learn how to chat them up on social networks like WhatsApp even when you don’t have anything to say to them.

3. Go on outing with your partner at least ones a week: 

one of the foundation strength of a long lasting relationship is good memories. When you have good memories of someone filled in your head, you end up missing them and you become unwilling to leave them. Have you been going out with your partner on outing? Well! If you haven’t then you definitely have to cultivate the habit of doing so. Start today and you definitely see changes in your relationship.

4. Welcome Your Lover with a Kiss and Hug Always: 

Don’t be a hard man or woman. It kills relationships faster. You have to be soft and flow with the relationship.  Welcoming your lover with a kiss and hug is good and will give them that peaceful feeling. They will definitely be at peace whenever they are around you.

5. Always Make Love With Your Partner: – Top 5 Ways To Make Your Husband Or Wife Think Of You Forever 

I know you might be wondering why I had to mention this. Like its normal right? Yeah! But most husband and wife find it difficult to make love together. This is totally wrong and will harm the union. So when next your husband or wife demands for love making, accept it but if you aren’t in the right mood for love making you can give them reasons with a light tone.

6. Don’t Believe in Gossips levied on your husband or wife: 

Gossips are dangerous to relationships. The moment you start believing in gossips you begin to loose trust. If you are worried about something, always relay it to your partner for better explanation. Remember the relationship is between you and your partner and you shouldn’t allow a third party in.

7. Never Eat Alone: Top 7 Ways To Make Your Husband Or Wife Think Of You Forever

Husband and wife should always eat together. Remember that marriage is a union and a bond. So you should do things together and eating together is one them. So next time you want to eat, call your partner to join you!

8. Always Appreciate your lovers effort: 

commending and appreciating your lovers effort and encouraging them to do more is good for any relationship. Remember that you are a form of support to your partner when they need one. Whenever your wife is done cooking always find time to commend her for that.

9. Always Work towards Satisfying Your lover on Bed: 

your role on bed with your lover shouldn’t be boring. You must be willing to satisfy your partner with all forms of styles and you must be willing to explore them to the fullest. If you don’t, then it might lead to cheating.  Always find time to ask your lover the kind of fore play they love during love making. It gives you an insight on what to do when in action.

10. Always Compliment her beauty: Top 10 Ways To Make Your Husband Or Wife Think Of You Forever 

Top 7 Best Ways to Propose a Girl, Love, Cute Couple, Romantic BF-Gf, New Life
Top 7 Best Ways to Propose a Girl, Love, Cute Couple, Romantic BF-Gf, New Life

As a man you are expected to always compliment your wives beauty. Even if she isn’t that beautiful, you have to find it mandatory to compliment her if you want her to be with you.

11. Always Buy Something’s for your Spouse: 

surprising your spouse with gift won’t only make them love you more but will also make the relationship last longer. Have you been gifting your spouse? If NO! learn to do that from today.

12. Learn to keep to date: 12 things to say to your spouse to deepen your connection 

Keeping to date is very essential in a relationship. Most women pay close attention to dates and if you don’t remember their special dates such as birthday date they will be very angry with you. Other dates you have to keep in mind are Valentine’s Day which is on the 14th of February. That’s one special day you have to show your loved ones why you really love them. You can also compliment them with a valentines day card as shown below.

valentines day card
valentines day card

13. Always Bath together:  

Show more affection to your lover by bathing with them. Remember you are one and you should definitely have nothing to hide from each other.

14. Always assist her with the baby: 

Most men avoid this but it’s totally wrong. You have to assist your wife in taking good care of your child. Both of you brought the child into the world and it’s definitely your responsibility to take good care of the child together.

15. Don’t question their calls: 15 Ways to Be a (Much) Better Wife – Best Life 

How To Get A Girlfriend - 7 Things You Must Do When You Meet Her - Top 7 Portal
How To Get A Girlfriend – 7 Things You Must Do When You Meet Her – Top 7 Portal

As husband and wife you should trust yourselves and never question each other’s calls. Questioning their calls will make them feel you don’t trust them and that can lead to problems in the relationship.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How do you make your husband want you all the time?

Seven Ways to Make Your Husband Want You Again
1. Don’t be a diva. …
2. Don’t be a doormat. …
3. Don’t just be a mom. …
4. Don’t ignore his complaints about you and the marriage. …
5. Do learn to like yourself and your life. …
6. Do show him appreciation. …
7. Do romance him. …

How do I make my husband miss me?

To make your husband miss you, try to surprise him now and again and make the time you spend together special. Leave him small gifts in his suitcase or around your home that will remind him of you, such as a love note or a picture of you both.

How To Get A Girlfriend – 7 Things You Must Do When You Meet Her

Work on Your Dressing and Appearance
Learn to smell Nice
Work on your dentition
Work on your manner of approach
Always sound friendly and soft
Do not be in a hurry… Read more

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