Top 7 Craziest Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting, Exercise from around the world

Craziest Ways to Lose Weight: People can lose weight for many reasons, perhaps intentionally through exercise training for a sports event, for health reasons, just to look better, or unintentionally as may occur because of an underlying disease. Various ways people do to be able to lose weight. 

List of Top 7 Craziest Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting, Exercise from around the World Top 7 Portal

Ranging from reducing the size of the meal, exercise or alternative ways lainnya. Tapi several ways in which there are quite mad. What? People who want to lose weight fast sometimes tried various alternatives, including a crazy way though. Here are 7 ways that is considered the most crazy to lose weight.

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1. The Dream Diet


Dream Diet. is a revolutionary approach to achieving – and keeping your desired weight. The system is a combination of scientifically formulated food supplements with a flexible, delicious and nutritious meal plan. On any given day up to 60% of the population are on a diet in the never-ending quest to lose weight.

2. Lose Weight by Plastic Wrap

There’s no evidence that a body wrap will help you lose weight. While you may be down a few pounds after using one, this is mainly due to water loss. As soon as you hydrate and eat, the number on the scale will go right back up. The only proven way to lose weight is through proper diet and adequate exercise.

3. Lose Weight with Laughter -Top 7 Craziest Ways to Lose Weight

Top 7 Craziest Ways to Lose Weight
Top 7 Craziest Ways to Lose Weight

Actually, one study showed that laughing for 10 to 15 minutes every day can help a person burn about 40 calories – which is equivalent to losing three or four pounds over the course of a year. Laugher can be a natural way to exercise various muscles in your body, and thus, aiding you in weight loss

4. Fiber-Based Weight Loss Products

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Fiber may also aid weight loss. A 2011 study from the British Journal of Nutrition found that fiber supplements, particularly in combination with a healthful diet, promoted weight loss, a decrease in BMI, and a decrease in body fat after 12 week.Eating more soluble fiber can also help you lose belly fat and prevent belly fat gain. One study linked a 10-gram increase in daily soluble fiber intake to a 3.7% lower risk of gaining belly fat 

5. Lose Weight by Having Sex – Top 7 Craziest Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Top 7 Craziest Ways to Lose Weight
Top 7 Craziest Ways to Lose Weight

“I recommend having sex three to five times per week, which can be accomplished by doubling up on the weekends,” McCloskey says. On average, sex burns 150 to 250 calories per half hour. “Since it’s free and so much fun, I’ve found making love is the ultimate exercise machine.”

6. Using Ab-belts

Top 7 Craziest Ways to Lose Weight
Top 7 Craziest Ways to Lose Weight

Many of the ab belts claim to burn calories and help you lose body fat, but this claim is just untrue. … While it may not decrease body fat or increase muscle size, studies did show an increase in muscle strength and tone.These devices promise to strengthen the abdominal muscles via electrical stimulation. While ab stimulators can force the abdominal muscles to contract, they will not burn fat or cause significant weight loss.

7. Lose Weight with Hypnosis – Top 7 Craziest Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting

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Hypnosis is a tool some therapists use to help individuals reach a state of total relaxation. During a session, practitioners believe that the conscious and unconscious mind are able to focus and concentrate on verbal repetition and mental imagery. The mind, as a result, becomes open to suggestion and open to change with regard to behaviors, emotions, and habits.

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