The Top 7 Good Things Happened in 2021 for you?

The Top 7 Good Things Happened in 2021 for you?: There will be many who will balk at the headline and point out all the reasons why (COVID!) 2021 was terrible. But by now, we must have learnt to appreciate all the clichés there are and apply them in our lives: make the most of what you’ve got, look at the positives, take pleasure in small joys.

Which is why we decided to put together this list of all the good things that happened in these unprecedented times and underline the fact that it wasn’t a complete waste of a year. The Top 7 Good Things Happened in 2021 for you?

List of The Top 7 Good Things Happened in 2021 for you? – World Top 7 Portal

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Here Some The Top 7 Good Things Happened in 2021 for you?

1 Found true love: Found someone who will support me in no matter what the situation. Someone whom I can trust and know that she will keep my secrets secure. Someone whose just smile is enough for me to make my day.

2. I discovered new hobbies about myself and came to know what am i really good at rather than wasting my time in that IT job.

3. Developed a Great bond with my father with whom I used to rarely talk.

4. Learned Cooking, Actually it is really hard to cook so next time your mom forgets to put a specific ingredient, instead of blaming her go get it yourself and put it. Cooking is a real hard work and core talent is required which your mom has mastered for the past 20 yrs, you are in no place to question her cooking skills just because she has forgot to put salt.

5. Birth of my niece: I got a Sweet little baby cousin who wakes me up every morning by jumping on my back…it has started to hurt now as she is growing day by day.

6. I called all my old friends whom i rarely used to even text in a blue moon. it was great going down the road of nostalgia for a moment, bringing up all the school days, all the fun we used to have when we were kids. It was great…..good to know that friends are the same as hey were 20 yrs before.

7. Breathing fresh air everyday as due to lockdown the pollution level have been drastically reduced

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) of The Top 7 Good Things Happened in 2021 for you?

What good things happen to you in 2021?

1 Vaccines.
2 Innovations.
3 A fresh start.
4 Curbing emissions.
5 Protecting our environment.
6 A more diverse White House.
7 The coup failed.
8 The few brave Republicans.

What crazy things happened in 2021?

Capitol insurrectionists made Jan. …
President Donald Trump was impeached (again) on Jan. …
Larry King, Rush Limbaugh, and Prince Phillip died. …
Daft Punk broke up, because nothing is sacred in 2021. …
Gamestonks and Dogecoin wreaked utter havoc on Wall Street.

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