Top 10 Most Beautiful Bhutanese Women, Sexiest Bhutan Actresses, Girls in The World

Most Beautiful Bhutanese Women: Introducing a mesmerizing journey into the enchanting world of Bhutan, where natural beauty meets the allure of its extraordinary women.

In this captivating exploration, we delve into the realm of the “Top 10 Most Beautiful Bhutanese Women” and uncover the charisma that these radiant individuals bring to the global stage.

From their serene landscapes to their vibrant cinema, Bhutan has much to offer, and its talented actresses exemplify grace, talent, and an exquisite sense of style.

About Bhutan Women

Bhutanese women embody a rich cultural heritage, actively preserving traditions and ceremonies. Their traditional attire, the “kira,” is a symbol of the nation’s identity. Despite a patriarchal backdrop, they contribute significantly to Bhutan’s workforce, fostering a supportive community.

In fields like entertainment, sports, and education, Bhutanese women have gained national and international recognition, showcasing their diverse talents and potential. Beyond their physical beauty, they serve as custodians of Bhutan’s culture, enriching their society and traditions.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Bhutanese Women with Pictures, Gorgeous Girls Short Details, Biodata, Sexiest Actress in Bhutan

Join us as we celebrate the beauty, talent, and allure of the Bhutanese women who have left an indelible mark on both their nation and the world.

So let’s quickly move on to the list of the 7 most beautiful Bhutan women.

1. Tandin Bidha, the most beautiful Bhutanese actress

Tandin Bidha stands as a prominent figure in the Bhutanese film industry, where she has graced the screens in approximately 32 films, showcasing her remarkable acting skills. Her journey in cinema began with her debut in “Tse Dhung Chen” and has continued to flourish with her recent directorial venture, “A Glimmer of Hope,” which is currently available for streaming on Samuh.

Top 7 Most Beautiful Bhutanese Women, Bhutan Beautiful Girls in The World
  • Movies: A Glimmer of Hope, The Vested Astrologer
  • Awards: · Actor Female (16th National Film Awards (2016) · Best Female Actor (2010, for Chi Sem Chi Lu)
  • Nationality: Bhutanese
  • Occupation: · Actress · Model
  • Television: The Voice of Bhutan

Not only an accomplished actress, but Tandin Bidha is also renowned as a leading Bhutanese film actress and model, making her a multifaceted talent in the entertainment world.

Her notable appearances include movies like “A Glimmer of Hope” and “The Vested Astrologer,” where her performances have garnered recognition and acclaim.

Tandin Bidha’s talent has been acknowledged with awards such as the Female Actor award at the 16th National Film Awards in 2016 and the Best Female Actor award in 2010 for “Chi Sem Chi Lu.”

Her contributions extend beyond the silver screen, as she has also been associated with television through “The Voice of Bhutan.” With her diverse acting repertoire, Bidha has left a lasting impact on Bhutanese cinema, with notable works like “Nidrupchenma,” “The Vested Astrologer,” and “I, the Song,” further cementing her status as a prominent Bhutanese actress.

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2. Sherab Lhamo – Gorgeous Bhutanese movie personality

Sherab Lhamo is a notable Bhutanese movie personality with an impressive portfolio of 12 Bhutanese films to her name. Her journey in the world of Bhutanese cinema commenced with her appearance in “Drazin Lhamo” in 2013 and concluded with her involvement in the film “Yamtshen.”

Top 7 Most Beautiful Bhutanese Women, Bhutan Beautiful Girls in The World

On the other hand, Sonam Lhamo, born in 1988, is a celebrated Bhutanese actress renowned for her pivotal role in the 2003 film “Travellers and Magicians.”

In the movie, Lhamo portrays a young hitchhiker who accompanies her farmer father to the city, demonstrating her versatile acting prowess. Remarkably, she took on this role at the age of fourteen, despite her character being portrayed as nineteen years old.

Sherab Lhamo has left her mark in Bhutanese cinema, contributing to films like “The Undying Love of Pemai Tshewang Tashi,” “Druk – When the Dragon Roars,” and “Nge Tsawai Lama” in 2015 and 2017.

This talented actress’s diverse roles have enriched the Bhutanese film industry, while Sonam Lhamo’s performance in “Travellers and Magicians” remains a significant highlight in her career.

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3. Tsokye Tsomo Karchung – Hottest Bhutanese actress and beauty pageant titleholder 

Born on August 20, 1984, in Thimphu, Bhutan, Tsokye Tsomo Karchung is a multi-talented Bhutanese actress and beauty pageant winner.

She made history by becoming the first Bhutanese woman to win the prestigious Miss Bhutan title in 2008. This achievement propelled her onto the international stage as she represented Bhutan at Miss Earth 2008.

Tsokye’s talents extend beyond pageantry; she has made a significant impact in the Bhutanese film industry. Her acting career took off with her debut in ‘Sem Gawai Tasha,’ a film that received praise from critics and audiences alike.

In recognition of her outstanding performance, she earned the Best Debutant Female award in 2012, setting the stage for a successful career in cinema.

Top 7 Most Beautiful Bhutanese Women, Bhutan Beautiful Girls in The World
  • Born: 20 August 1984, Thimphu, Bhutan
  • Height: 1.73 m
  • Major competition(s): Miss Bhutan 2008 (winner), Miss Earth 2008

Throughout her acting journey, Tsokye Tsomo Karchung starred in several hit Bhutanese films, including ‘Sharchogpa Zamin,’ ‘Shhh… Galuya Malap,’ ‘Miss Kota,’ and ‘Drukpa Kuenley.’

Her remarkable dedication and talent led to an impressive feat – winning the National Filmfare Awards for Best Actress for four consecutive years. In 2016, she not only secured the award for her role in ‘Wai Lama Kencho’ but also produced the film.

Tsokye has become a prominent figure and role model for young Bhutanese girls, thanks to her contributions to the entertainment industry. Her latest cinematic work, ‘Thrung Thrung Karmo,’ received the coveted Prime Minister’s Award at the Bhutan Film Awards 2017, further solidifying her status in Bhutanese cinema.

Beyond her film accolades, Tsokye Tsomo Karchung’s foray into pageantry and film has left an enduring legacy in Bhutan’s entertainment landscape.

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4. Deki Lhamo – Bhutanese movie actress

Deki Lhamo is a prominent Bhutanese movie actress with a notable presence in the Bhutanese film industry. Her filmography includes approximately six Bhutanese movies, starting with her debut in ‘Lencha’ and culminating with her involvement in the film ‘Gaki – Choe Lu Ga.’


In 2017, Deki Lhamo garnered attention in India while pursuing her education at Lovely Professional University.

LPU proudly celebrated her achievement as an international student when she received the Debutant Actor Award at the 16th Bhutan National Film Awards, further solidifying her reputation in the world of Bhutanese cinema.

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5. Tshering Yangki – Hottest Bhutanese movie actress – Top 5 Most Beautiful Bhutanese Women

Tshering Yangki is a renowned Bhutanese movie personality known for her remarkable contributions to the Bhutanese film industry. With an impressive filmography that spans 16 Bhutanese movies, her journey began with her debut in ‘Mendrel’ and concluded with her involvement in the film ‘Nge Agay.’

Among her notable works, Tshering Yangki is celebrated for her roles in ‘Singye’ (2018) and ‘Lekzin’ (2016), showcasing her versatility and talent within the Bhutanese cinema landscape.

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6. Jigchen Rika Gyeltshen – Bhutanese powerful aspirant actress

Jigchen Rika Gyeltshen, a 21-year-old Bhutanese aspiring model and actress, possesses all the qualities of a promising talent in the industry. With her stunning 178 cm height, striking brown hair, and captivating brown eyes, she stands out as a unique Bhutanese model.

  • Nationality: Bhutanese
  • Height: 1’78cm
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Agency: BMG Model & Talent

Currently based in New York, Jigchen Rika Gyeltshen is associated with BMG Model & Talent, a testament to her dedication to the world of modeling. Modeling is not just a profession for her; it’s a passionate pursuit. With her exceptional figure and presence, she sets herself apart from many others in the industry, making her a rising star to watch out for.

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7. Sonam Choki – Bhutanese Actor – Top 7 Most Beautiful Bhutanese Women

Sonam Choki is a multifaceted individual known for her contributions both in the world of cinema and international sports. As an actress, she has left her mark with notable films like “Bardo: The Intermediate State” (2010), “Muti thrishing” (2005), and “Norbu, My Beloved Yak” (2006).

Top 7 Most Beautiful Bhutanese Women, Bhutan Beautiful Girls in The World
  • Born: 7 April 1963
  • Country: Bhutan
  • Sport: Archery

Born on April 7, 1963, in Bhutan, Sonam Chuki has not only graced the silver screen but has also represented Bhutan on the international stage as an archer. Her sports career led her to compete for Bhutan at the 1984 Summer Olympics held in Los Angeles, where she participated in the individual archery event, finishing in the 43rd position.

Sonam Chuki’s diverse talents have made her a notable figure in both the entertainment and sports spheres, showcasing her versatility and dedication to her craft.

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8. Tshering Zam

Tshering Zam is a prominent figure in the Bhutanese film industry, known for her remarkable contributions to cinema. With a career spanning 10 Bhutanese films, she has left an indelible mark on the industry.

Her journey in the world of Bhutanese cinema began with her debut in “The Golden Ring,” a film that quickly gained popularity and showcased her talent as an actress. Over the years, Tshering Zam continued to shine in the Bhutanese film scene, captivating audiences with her performances.

271919809 473502074142381 1592594404315171353 n.jpg?stp=dst jpg p526x296& nc cat=108&ccb=1 7& nc sid=05bb41& nc ohc= IxFmZsYn2sAX oRx8G& nc ht=scontent.famd15 1

Among her notable works, “The Wind of Karma” stands as a testament to her dedication and craft. While her recent projects may have kept her away from the spotlight, her impact on Bhutanese cinema remains significant.

Beyond her role in the movies, Tshering Zam is an artist, a wanderer with a passion for exploring the world, and a proud vegetarian. Her Instagram account, @tsheringzambumtap, boasts a substantial following of 49.1k followers, a testament to her popularity and influence.

Tshering Zam’s contributions to Bhutanese cinema have solidified her status as a beloved film personality, and her fans eagerly await her return to the silver screen.

9. Kezang D Wangmo

Kezang D Wangmo, hailing from the picturesque Paro District of Western Bhutan, is a versatile personality known for her diverse roles as a politician, actress, singer, dancer, and ambassador for natural farming in Bhutan.

Her journey in the entertainment industry began with her enchanting voice, making her a well-known Bhutanese singer. Her hit local song, “A La La Ngi Sem,” resonated with audiences across the country. Kezang then transitioned into acting, where she made a significant impact. Her role in the film “Sem Gi Damtse” earned her national recognition, including prestigious awards for the Best Newcomer and Best Female Lead Actor.

With 38.7K followers on Instagram (@kezangdwangmo), she enjoys a substantial following, a testament to her popularity and influence. Beyond her artistic endeavors, Kezang Wangmo is a passionate advocate for organic farming, serving as a goodwill ambassador for this vital cause in Bhutan.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Bhutanese Women, Sexiest Bhutan Actresses, Girls in The World 12

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Kezang has a political career. She entered the realm of politics in 2013 and made a remarkable impact. In the 2013 Bhutanese National Assembly election, she emerged victorious as a candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, representing the Dokar-Sharpa constituency. Her election marked the beginning of a promising political journey.

Kezang D Wangmo exemplifies the essence of a multifaceted talent, leaving an indelible mark in the realms of art, politics, and sustainable farming in Bhutan. Her dedication to her nation’s welfare and her artistic prowess make her a celebrated figure in Bhutanese society.

10. Lobzang Dema

Born on August 8, 1997, in Trashigang, Bhutan, Lobzang Dema is a prominent and aspiring model known for her striking beauty and multiple talents. She wears many hats, including that of an international chess player, making her a true all-rounder. Lobzang skillfully balances her roles as a student and a successful model. What began as a hobby has now blossomed into a passionate and fulfilling career for this figure-conscious individual.

Lobzang Dema envisions herself as a future celebrity and star in Hollywood, setting her sights high on achieving global recognition. Her journey through education and professional pursuits reflects her dedication and determination.

67408360 1092504307613601 5918834842241335296 n.jpg? nc cat=101&ccb=1 7& nc sid=8bfeb9& nc ohc=j44ZYrp2aMsAX9KC t3& nc ht=scontent.famd15 2
Top 10 Most Beautiful Bhutanese Women, Sexiest Bhutan Actresses, Girls in The World 13

She attended Yangchenphug Higher Secondary School in Thimphu, Bhutan, laying the foundation for her academic journey. Lobzang furthered her education by studying B.A. in Media Studies and Dzongkha at Sherubtse College, Royal University of Bhutan.

Her commitment to education is evident in her pursuit of a “PGDE” postgraduate diploma in education at Paro College of Education.

Lobzang Dema resides in Thimphu, Bhutan, but her ambitions extend far beyond her hometown. Hailing from Samdrup Jongkhar, she has a diverse and enriching background. She is happily married to Dee TsheRie, celebrating both her personal and professional achievements.

As Lobzang Dema continues to make her mark in the world of modeling and beyond, her story serves as an inspiration to many, showcasing the power of passion and perseverance in achieving one’s dreams.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) of Top 10 Most Beautiful Bhutanese Women

Can Indian marry a Bhutan girl?

Yes, foreigners can marry Bhutanese, but there are restrictions. Nonetheless, it can be done. The Bhutanese know that nothing can stand in the way of love.

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