Top 7 Most Beautiful Danish Women, Gorgeous Girls & Hottest Girls in Denmark

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Danish Women with Pictures, Gorgeous Actresses Short Details, Biodata in Danish

Most Beautiful Danish Women: All over the world, Danish women are known to be the sweetest and Beautiful women on the planet, and this list will show that this last statement is absolutely accurate. Like women from other parts of the world, Danish women are also quite passionate and caring.

But one outstanding quality of these women is that they age quite well, you may not be able to tell the age of some very old women. So let’s quickly move on to the list of the 7 most beautiful Danish women.

Danish models are worldwide popular for their real beauty and attractive physics. People love to know about them, that’s why you are also here. They are never behind to other beautiful women in the world or hottest women in the world.

Danish Women 1

1. Maria Gregersen, the most beautiful Danish fashion model

Maria Gregersen is a Danish fashion model. She has appeared on the covers of the magazines: Costume, Marie Claire, ELLE, Madame, and Eurowoman.

Most Beautiful Danish Women
Top 10 Most Beautiful Danish Women – Actresses

Born: 11 November 1983 (age 38 years), Denmark
Height: 1.77 m

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2. Ena Sandra Causevic – Gorgeous Danish model

Ena Sandra Causevic is another hottest Danish model from Denmark. She was born on 21 August 1989 in Sønderborg, Denmark. She symbolizes her state in Las Vegas at the Miss Universe 2010 show and won the title. Besides that, she has been also Miss Universe Denmark in 2010.

Ena is an ambassador for FMKB. She cooperates actively in donations for families with cancer afflicted children. Talking about her modeling career, she is one of the most popular and hottest Danish models of the current time.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Danish Women - Actresses
Top 10 Most Beautiful Danish Women – Actresses

Born: 21 August 1989 (age 32 years), Sønderborg, Denmark
Height: 1.73 m

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3. Helena Christensen – Beautiful Danish supermodel and photographer

Helena Christensen is a Danish supermodel and photographer. She is a former Victoria’s Secret Angel, clothing designer and beauty queen.

Christensen dated and lived with INXS frontman Michael Hutchence on and off in France and Denmark for five years in the early 1990s. She was in a relationship with actor Norman Reedus for five years; together they have a son, Mingus Lucien Reedus (born 13 October 1999). Reedus and Christensen separated in 2003.

Later, she dated Interpol singer Paul Banks for seven years.
Christensen has an apartment in Copenhagen, a house in Catskill, NY, and lives in Manhattan, where she drives “the only type of car I’ve ever had”, a Morris Minor. She reported in 2007 that she had been residing in Monaco.

Top 20 Most Beautiful Danish Women - Actresses
Top 20 Most Beautiful Danish Women – Actresses

Born: 25 December 1968 (age 53 years), Copenhagen, Denmark
Height: 1.78 m
Eye color: Green
Children: Mingus Lucien Reedus
Siblings: Anita Christensen
Parents: Elsa Christensen, Flemming Christensen

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4. Anine Bing – Danish hot model, dress designer

Anine Bing is a women’s fashion brand. The brand is based out of Los Angeles, CA. The founder, Anine Bing, is also a blogger as well as a former model and singer. Anine Bing was launched in 2012 with headquarters in downtown Los Angeles, CA.

Born in Denmark of Danish/Brazilian ancestry, and growing up in Sweden, Anine has lived and worked in London, Stockholm, Los Angeles, Belgium, Hamburg, and Johannesburg. Bing began modeling at age 15.

Top 20 Most Beautiful Danish Women - Actresses
Top 20 Most Beautiful Danish Women – Actresses

Founded: 2012, Los Angeles, California, United States
Founder: Anine Bing
Headquarters: Los Angeles, California

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5.  Louise Pedersen – most beautiful and hottest Danish model

Louise Pedersen is another most beautiful and hottest Danish model. She was born on 17 November 1981 in Skjern, Denmark. She has worked as a waitress before becoming a model. Her first appearance was the fall 2002 Prada and now worldwide popular female model.

Louise is a versatile lady who worked with designers including Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Gucci, and Calvin Klein. She has worldwide fan followings due to her talent and attractive physics.

Top 15 Most Beautiful Danish Women - Actresses
Top 15 Most Beautiful Danish Women – Actresses
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6. Celina Hilslev – top hottest Danish model

If we are discussing some of the top hottest Danish models, how can we forget Celina Hilslev. She is another Danish female model that you must know.

She has worked with many fashion houses, ads, as well as remained on the cover of dozens of local also global magazines. Besides that, she has also been a part of movies and TV programs in Denmark.

She has worldwide popularity due to her bold physics and attractive personality and that makes her something more special.

Top 15 Most Beautiful Danish Women - Actresses
Top 15 Most Beautiful Danish Women – Actresses
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7. Heidi Albertsen – Danish international model

Heidi Albertsen is a Danish international model. She is a goodwill ambassador for Life Project for Africa, the Lower Eastside Service Center and Riverkeeper, on which she serves as a member of the organization’s Leadership Council.

Albertsen self-identifies as a Christian in the Protestant tradition and professes a respect for all religions. She advocates a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle, one that combines fitness, beauty, strength and style.

She is an active sportswoman. Among other things, she cooks, paints, rock climbs, water skis, runs marathons, plays tennis and golf, and does yoga. She resides in New York City.

On July 15, 2016, Albertsen announced via social media that she became a citizen of the United States of America, while retaining dual citizenship with her native Denmark.

Albertsen was engaged to entrepreneur Darren Mercer and on October 3, 2016, Albertsen announced via social media that they have welcomed their son Charles Christian Mercer.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Danish Women - Actresses
Top 10 Most Beautiful Danish Women – Actresses

Born: 1 September 1976 (age 45 years), Copenhagen, Denmark
Height: 1.78 m

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Does Denmark have the most beautiful women?

Some 28 percent of Danish men pointed to ‘The City of Smiles’ – as Aarhus is known in Denmark – as having the most lovely ladies. Just 21 percent pointed to Copenhagen, while Aalborg scored 16 percent and Odense 10 percent. … And the very first ‘Miss Denmark’ in 1924, Edith Jørgensen, also came from Aarhus.

What is considered beauty in Denmark?

Conclusion, the beauty standard in Denmark is a slim, healthy looking body and sharp facial features that makes you look mature and eye-catching.

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