The Top 7 Unsolved Mysteries in History? That Have No Explanation

the top 7 unsolved mysteries in history?: There are some historical mysteries that may never be solved, from the date that Jesus was born to the identity of Jack the Ripper to the location of Cleopatra’s tomb.

Sometimes, that’s because the relevant excavated material has been lost or an archaeological site has been destroyed.

Other times, it’s because new evidence is unlikely to come forward or the surviving evidence is too vague to lead scholars to a consensus.

Will we ever find Cleopatra’s tomb or the Ark of the Covenant? Some mysteries may never be resolved.

Unsolved Mysteries in History 1

The lack of answers only makes these enigmas more intriguing. Here, Live Science takes a look at 7 of these historical questions that may never have definitive explanations.

1. Bermuda Triangle:

The Top 7 Unsolved Mysteries in History?

in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where a number of aircraft and ships are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Most reputable sources dismiss the idea that there is any mystery.

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2. Ghost village Kuldhara in India:

The Top 7 Unsolved Mysteries in History?

It is an abandoned village in the Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan, India. local legend claims, because of persecution by the Jaisalmer State‘s minister Salim Singh. Recently a theory established that it was abandoned due to earthquake. No proper explanation to vanishing of 800+ plus people overnight has been given until now.

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3. Carrol a Deering – The Top 3 Unsolved Mysteries in History?

This ship was found abandoned aground off Cape HatterasNorth Carolina in 1921 with the crew nowhere to be found

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. The investigations were closed in 1922 with no substantial evidence of crew falling to pirates or to the Bermuda triangle.

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4. Dancing plague of 1518:

The Top 7 Unsolved Mysteries in History?

Certain Mrs Troffea started dancing in July 1518 and people started joining her. After one week 34 people joined her in dancing. The count rose to 400. Many died due to exhaustion, strokes, heart attacks. No one has ever been able to explain how can someone dance for so long.

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5. Jean Hilliard:

She was visiting her parents home in 1980. The temperature outside was -30 degree Celcius. Her car stalled and she started walking towards her parent’s home. Midway she froze and fell down. she was frozen for 6 hours. Doctors could not do anything to give her a life saving shot as her skin had become rock solid. her heartbeat was hardly there. However after defreeze she should slight movement. In 6 months she was absolutely fine. No one could explain how this happened.

6. Geoglyphs of Amazon Rain forests:

The Top 7 Unsolved Mysteries in History?

There were drawings discovered by scientists in amazon rainforests that could be 3000–3500 years old. This suggests that there was widespread population in amazon rain forests before Columbus arrived.

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7. Overton Bridge in Scotland – The Top 7 Unsolved Mysteries in History?

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This has unexplained behavior of dogs attempting suicides on this bridge. If a dog fails to die in first attempt, they attempt it again.

8. Remains of Indus valley civilisation:

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The writings found on the remains of indus valley civilization has not been decoded until now.

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9. 2000 year old computer:

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It is the accidental 1900-01 discovery in a shipwreck off an island (hence the name) between Greece and Crete of a complex and intriguing fragment, its origin later dated to about 100BC. What was initially dismissed as an anomaly – a rock with a cogwheel embedded in it must be so for other reasons, including much later shipwrecks – was a device with at least 30 (some say 70) gears, all precision engineered (the teeth were hand-cut equilateral triangles) and designed to predict the movements of the sun and moon, plus six of our closer planetary neighbours. The calendar dial can be moved to adjust for that inconvenient extra quarter day in the solar year.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is the biggest unsolved mystery of all time?

Dead Men Cannot Talk – the sinking of the MS Georges Philippar.
Disappearing Dorothy – the disappearance of Dorothy Forstein.
Mystery at Wolf’s Neck – the death of Evelyn Foster.
Spring-Heeled Jack, The Demon of London – the sightings of Spring-heeled Jack.
The World’s Last Airship – the Hindenburg disaster.

What are the 7 mysteries of the world?

1. the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt.
2. the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
3. the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, Greece.
4. the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus.
5. the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus.
6. the Colossus of Rhodes.
7. the Lighthouse of Alexandria, Egypt.

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