Top 7+ Most Hottest Colombian Girls, Actress, Model in Colombia, South America

List of Top 7+ Most Hottest Colombian Girls, Actress with Pictures, Gorgeous Girls Short Details, Biodata in Colombia

Top 7+ Most Hottest Colombian Girls, Actress: Colombian women are so beautiful that you can definitely find some Colombian women in any beauty competitions like Miss Universe or miss world. So, now most of you will eager to know the names of most beautiful Colombian women.

Colombia is a distant and Beautiful country. It is the third most populous country in Latin America after Brazil and Mexico. In total, the country, which received its name in honor of the discoverer of the American continent, is home to about 47 million people.

Also, more than one million Colombians live in the US, making up the largest Latin American diaspora there. Colombia is home to people of different ethnic origins, races, and nationalities.

Most Beautiful Colombian Women 1

Thanks to the blood mixture, Colombian women are famous all over the world.

1. Catalina Otalvaro, the most beautiful a popular Colombian model

Catalina Otalvaro is a popular Colombian model who is well known for her attractive figure and stunning fashion sense. Many people like him as she is a beautiful model and quite popular in the fashion industry.

Her stunning resemblance to Brazilian Victoria Secret Model Adriana Lima is quite outstanding. Her beautiful face and hot figure grant her 10th position in this list of most beautiful Colombian women.


Catalina Otalvaro was born on December 15, 1991 (age 30) in Cali, Colombia. She is a celebrity model.

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2. Sofía Vergara – Gorgeous Colombian and American actress and model

Sofía Margarita Vergara Vergara is a Colombian and American actress and model. Vergara was the highest paid actress in American television from 2013 to 2020. She to prominence while co-hosting two television shows for Spanish-language television network Univision in the late 1990s.

Vergara has naturally blonde hair. For movies and television, she is sometimes asked to colour her hair dark brown or black to make her look more stereotypically Hispanic. Vergara was married at the age of 18 to her high-school sweetheart, Joe Gonzalez.

They have a son named Manolo, who was born in September 1991. They divorced in 1993. Vergara and her boyfriend Nick Loeb became engaged in 2012 after dating for two years. On May 23, 2014, Vergara announced that the engagement had been called off.

Vergara and True Blood star Joe Manganiello became engaged on Christmas Day 2014 after dating for six months.


Born: 10 July 1972 (age 49 years), Barranquilla, Colombia
Height: 1.7 m
Spouse: Joe Manganiello (m. 2015), Joe Gonzalez (m. 1991–1993)
Children: Manolo Gonzalez Vergara
Siblings: Sandra Vergara, Veronica Vergara, Rafael Vergara, Julio Vergara
Parents: Margarita Vergara Dávila de Vergara, Julio Enrique Vergara Robayo

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Top 7 Most Beautiful Colombian Women, Gorgeous & Hottest Girls, Sexiest Female in Colombia, South America
Top 7 Most Beautiful Colombian Women, Gorgeous & Hottest Girls, Sexiest Female in Colombia, South America

3. Sandra Valencia – Beautiful Colombian model

Sandra Valencia is a hot Colombian model who was born on 11 April 1986 in Bogotá, Colombia. She is well known as one of the hottest Colombian women in the world.

She is one of the front liner Latin American models. With 5.8’’ tall, brown hair, green eye, and sexy figure she attracts many people towards him and that’s the main reason of her popularity and a huge fan following.

Now she is holding the 2nd place in our list of top 10 most beautiful Colombian women.


Born: 11 April 1986 (age 35 years)
Height: 1.72 m

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4. Shakira – Colombian singer

We think all of you know him already, right! Shakira is one of the most popular female pop singers in the world. She is the beauty of Colombia and her hips definitely say how sexy she is in nature.

Shakira is a singer as well as a dancer who achieve many successes in her life. She was born in Barranquilla and starts her singing and dancing career at a very small age when she was in school.

Born: 2 February 1977 (age 45 years), Barranquilla, Colombia
Height: 1.57 m
Partner: Gerard Piqué (2011–)
Children: Sasha Piqué Mebarak, Milan Piqué Mebarak

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5. Carolina Guerra – Colombian model, actress and television presenter

Carolina Guerra is a Colombian model, actress and television presenter chosen in 2005 to represent the nation’s capital as Miss Bogotá.

She won a Škoda Fabia hatchback, 25 million pesos with which to prepare for the national beauty competition in Cartagena, a gold tiara and a jewel.

Colombian Model Carolina has presented the MTV programme Rock Dinner and appeared in the telenovelas Montecristo, broadcast in Colombia on Caracol TV, and La Diosa Coronada, broadcast in the United States on Telemundo.

She played the Inca high priestess Ima in season two of Da Vinci’s Demons. In her modelling work she is represented professionally by Stock Models International Model Management.

She has hosted Colombia’s Next Top Model. Guerra, alongside Olga Segura, starred in the 2015 lesbian romance drama The Firefly directed by Ana Maria Hermida.

carolina guerra

Born: 30 July 1986 (age 35 years), Bogotá, Colombia
Height: 1.76 m
Spouse: David Reuben Jr (m. 2019), Diego Cadavid (m. 2009–2013)
Siblings: Natalia Guerra
Parents: Janeth Molina, Álvaro Guerra

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6. Andrea Serna – famous Colombian model, TV presenter, reporter

Andrea Serna is a famous Colombian model, TV presenter, reporter, TV show hostess, radio DJ and TV producer.

She was born in Aranzazu, but she was raised in Santiago de Cali and lives in Bogotá. She was married to Colombian TV producer Frank Scheuermann. They divorced in early 2009.

At the beginning of 2018, Andrea began her career on Canal Caracol TV by presenting the new format of the channel called The Wall, a program in which every night a couple, whether it’s a couple, spouses, friends, family or friends as a couple, was they played by answering questions and betting the money they were earning to raise as much as possible to fulfill any dream they had.

Paramentos de Agosto de 2018 Andrea and Canal Caracol TV announced that calls are open for La Agencia, a new channel format in which Andrea was the host. The show looks for men and women with modeling skills.

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Born: 18 January 1977 (age 45 years), Aranzazu, Caldas, Colombia
Height: 1.79 m
Spouse: Juan Manuel Barraza (m. 2010), Frank Scheuermann (m. 2004–2009)
Children: Emilia Barraza Serna
Siblings: Carolina Serna
Parents: Diego Serna, Cielo Salazar

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7. Zulay Henao – Colombian-American film and television actress

Zulay Henao is a Colombian-American film and television actress. She has co-starred in a number of films such as Illegal Tender, Fighting, Takers, Boy Wonder, Hostel: Part III, The Single Moms Club, True Memoirs of an International Assassin.

Henao is in a relationship with Kevin Connolly. Together they had a baby girl, Kennedy Cruz, in early June 2021.

Zulay Henao Husband Relationship With Terrence Howard Age Bio

Born: 29 May 1979 (age 42 years), Medellín, Colombia
Height: 1.65 m
Partner: Kevin Connolly (2019–)
Children: 1

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List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Colombian Women

Want to know what the most beautiful women in Colombia are? If so, check out this list of the best of the most beautiful women in Colombia.

If we talk about the most beautiful women in the world, Colombian women are never behind. As we all know, Colombian women are known for their attractive and Se**xy figures. They are quite famous all over the world for their beauty. In other words, you can say that beauty and fitness are in the blood of Colombian women.

Good-looking, you have to have a well-groomed character with a better sense of dress, and Colombian women take these things pretty seriously.

When we talk about beautiful Colombian women, a clear picture is always kept in mind that black hair, naturally tanned skin and the best slim figure. Some also say that Colombian women are born with perfect genetics.

  • Catalina Otalvaro.
  • Taliana Vargas.
  • Manuela Arbelaez.
  • Natalia Paris.
  • Zulay Henao.
  • Andrea Serna.
  • Carolina Guerra.
  • Shakira.
  • Sandra Valencia
  • Sofia Vergara
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Are Columbian women the most beautiful in the world?

Well, Colombian women are really beautiful, but it depends of the personal perception, as example: in some regions of Colombia, women are voluptuous have an amazing body shape with curves, in other regions women does not have many curves but they have a beautiful face, the factions are soft and delicate.

For me, every type of women is beautiful, each one have their charm and beauty that goes beyond of the type of body or the skin color, colombian women are strong and independent, they are fighters and I think that makes them beautiful to all.

main qimg 2104a7dd48cd71630f6d58529a3ffbe9 lq

Paulina Vega. Miss universe 2014.

Why does it seem that most of the Colombian girls or women are really good looking?

I’m going to dissent with the current answers, which have essentially said, Colombian women are not any better looking than the rest of the world. That we’re only seeing what they want us to see.

I’m doing this at the risk of offending women in other parts of the world but I assure you, no offense is intended. I am expressing my thoughts based on observation and I’ll do my best to leave opinion out of it.

I’m making these statements from having spent approximately 26 weeks in Bogota, Colombia over a 2 year period. I’ve also spent time in Cartagena, where the ethnic makeup is different from Bogota.

I’m also speaking in generalities. Obviously, there are beautiful and not so beautiful people in every country in the world.

Ok, enough of the qualifications and politically correct BS.

I believe, as a population, Colombian women are better looking than any other country I personally know of.


It is my observation that, in comparison with the US, there are many fewer overweight Colombian women. I attribute this to a much better diet. Colombians eat a lot of fruit, choose coffee and juice over soda and eat very few fried foods. The natural diet is low in fat, sodium and processed foods.

While American women proudly proclaim the average dress size is 14, my guess is that number would be 7-9 in Colombia.

Health and Hygiene

In addition to a good diet contributing to their figures, it may come as a surprise to many that Colombians are very health conscious. The number of smokers is much lower than in the US. The women, as a whole, do not drink to excess.
And many are actively and regularly exercising.


The trend in the US has been towards an unflattering, bordering on sloppy, casual dress. Colombianas seem to enjoy dressing very nice any time they go out.

In Bogota, the women will typically be in a blouse, form fitting slacks and either heels or heeled boots. You will not see them in gym shorts, baggy t-shirts and flip flops while out.

I should mention that I’ve been to NYC and I’d equate the dress style of many Colombian women with the of women in Manhattan.

Skin Tone

Unlike the coastal Colombians, the women of Bogota are generally lighter skinned, which is appealing to the masses in the same way that Halle Berry is considered attractive.

But they have more pigment than the average Caucasian which provides anti-aging protection from the sun. Hence, they will generally have fewer wrinkles and freckles than a light-skinned counterpart. And often appear younger than they are.

Plastic Surgery

Just like in the US, plastic surgery is very popular and affordable in Colombia. Many Colombian women of fairly modest means have had breast augmentation or liposuction.


Having a large genetic influence from the Spanish has given many Colombians physical characteristics which are in-line with the modern definition of beauty.

Many Colombian women have the longer head shape and strong jawline of a runway model. In addition, they tend to have small noses, lips and long eye lashes.

And probably due to their weight and diet, as well as genetics, they tend to have slimmer waists and fuller hips. This is in contrast to the Latin American countries where the influence and genetics of the indigenous people are greater, namely the Central American countries.

Colombians Fit The Modern Perception of Beauty

In summary, I think a large percentage of Colombian women fit the modern beauty ideal. This is certainly not meant to say they all do.

Just my humble opinion.

BTW: This is my Colombian girlfriend. She’s from the coast. And yes, she has that amazing Colombian body.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) – Top 7 Most Beautiful Colombian Women

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Colombian Women

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Taliana Vargas.
Manuela Arbelaez.
Natalia Paris.
Zulay Henao.
Andrea Serna.
Carolina Guerra.
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