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The University of Siena in Siena, Tuscany, is one of the oldest and first publicly funded universities in Italy. Originally called Studium Senese, the institution was founded in 1240. 

University of Siena

Public university in Siena, Italy Description

Located at Mahavihara in Baragaon, Nalanda, Bihar Description

Nalanda was a renowned Buddhist monastic university in ancient Magadha, India.

Ruins of Nalanda University

The University of Naples Federico II is a public university in Naples, Italy. Founded in 1224, it is the oldest public non-sectarian university in the world, and is now organized into 26 departments. 

University of Naples Federico II 

Public university in Naples, Italy Description

The 2nd university in the sense of a higher-learning, degree-awarding institute, the word university having been coined at its foundation.

University of Bologna

Bologna, Italy, Founded in 1088

Located at Mahavihara in Baragaon, Nalanda, Bihar Description

The University of Salamanca is a Spanish higher education institution, located in the city of Salamanca, in the autonomous community of Castile and León.  

University of Salamanca 

The University of Padua is an Italian university located in the city of Padua, region of Veneto, northern Italy. The University of Padua was founded in 1222 by a group of students and teachers from Bologna. Padua is the second-oldest university in Italy and the world's fifth-oldest surviving university. 

University of Padua  

University in Padua, Italy Description

It was founded in the mid-12th century, and officially recognized as a university probably between 1160 and 1170

University of Paris

Paris, France, Founded in 1150

Public university in Coimbra, Portugal

Portugal. First established in Lisbon in 1290, it went through a number of relocations until moving permanently to Coimbra in 1537. 

University of Coimbra

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University of Oxford

University of Cambridge

Oxford, England, Founded in 1167

Cambridge, England, Founded in 1209